City Council Wrap-Up

City Counselors

Another one is in the books!  In case you missed it, here’s what Council acted on last night:

Grant Applications

Council unanimously approved applications for grants to support City Hall accessibility improvements, a form-based zoning update, support for small businesses, water quality enhancements for Seneca Lake, and the restoration of the historic Dove Block.  Applications are due at the end of the month, and announcements will be made late this year.

Sale of 121 North Genesee Street

City Council authorized the City Manager and City Attorney to execute the necessary documents to affect the sale of a lot located at 121 North Genesee Street to a neighboring property owner for use as green space.

Established Public Hearing

Council established a public hearing in August to hear from stakeholders on any remaining possible municipal use for a 3-acre parcel adjacent to the City’s water reservoir.  The hearing will take place at the regular Council meeting in August.

Payment in Lieu of Tax Agreement–Courtyard Apartments

City Council authorized the execution of a new Payment in Lieu of Tax agreement for Courtyard Apartments, in which the Housing Authority is modifying ownership to qualify for new operating and capital funding.  This will increase the City’s revenue collection from the site.

That’s it for this month!  Catch the replay on Finger Lakes TV all month, and check back here and to the City website for more information on upcoming activities and programs!




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