City Council Wrap-Up

City Counselors

In case you missed it (and if you’re awake right now, you probably at least missed part of it), here’s the recap of last night’s Council meeting:

Foundry Update

A report on Foundry-related matters was provided, and can be found here later today.  This item will be regularly featured at the top of City Council’s agenda throughout the remediation process.

Rules and Procedures

City Council discussed a number of amendments to their rules and procedures, particularly the expansion of time allocated for public comment.  Councilors are going to develop specific proposals for consideration at future meetings.

Resolution Addressing Public Concerns Surrounding the Geneva Foundry

City Council tabled this resolution, and has not scheduled a future hearing date.

Solid Waste Hauler Changes

Several amendments to the solid waste hauler licensing regulations were passed, including an increase in the fees charged for licensure, a limitation on pickup days and times, and a more intense focus on recycling and landfill diversion.

Discussion Regarding Keeping of Hens

City Council reviewed public and planning board feedback on a proposal to permit the keeping of chickens in all zoning districts.  Ultimately, the discussion ended without a majority of Councilors supporting the change.

Discussion Regarding Board and Commission Appointment Process

A number of potential changes were suggested to the manner in which City Council appoints members of boards and commissions.  Staff will summarize proposed changes and prepare a policy proposal for a future meeting.

Lakefront Shade Structures

City Council ratified the Public Art Committee’s recommendation for a shade structure design for the boardwalk area of the lakefront.  Staff will begin working with designers to ready for production and installation of the structures.

Establishing Public Hearings–Grants and Property Sales

Public hearings were scheduled for June to hear feedback on grant program implementation and ideas for future grant projects, and to receive public comment on the sale of two properties (121 North Genesee Street and 39 North Exchange Street).

Labor Agreement–Firefighters

Council approved a three year labor agreement for firefighters which authorizes a 2% annual increase in salaries in exchange for concessions on an expanded pay scale (requiring that firefighters spend 6 years rather than 4 in service to achieve top pay) and a line of duty injury policy that limits the City’s exposure for pay and benefits.  The agreement runs through 2019.

Resolution Amending Street Inventory

The City maintains an inventory of streets with the New York State Department of Transportation to ensure appropriate reimbursement for maintenance expense.  Council updated the inventory to include street segments previously not mentioned.

Discussion Regarding Equitable Hiring Policy

Councilor Gramling provided an overview of proposed elements of a policy to ensure fair access to City employment opportunities.  Council supported development of a Committee including Councilor Gramling, other interested Councilors, HR Director Jennifer Slywka, the City Attorney, and a representative from Ontario County Human Resources.  The team will develop a policy framework for future review by Council.

Discussion Regarding State Park Land Swap

City Council endorsed a concept whereby 7 acres of City owned property along Routes 5 and 20 would be exchanged with the State Park for several acres of lake frontage.  Staff will negotiate with the State to affect this transaction.

Discussion Regarding North Seneca Plaza Multi-Use Park

City Council heard a presentation from the Finger Lakes Skateboard Club on a concept for a multi-use park, including trails, skate features, picnic areas, and a possible farmers’ market expansion at Bicentennial Park.  Council endorsed the location and encouraged designers to move to more detailed design.

Appointments to Boards and Commissions

Council appointed four members to the Geneva Human Rights Commission.

A long but productive agenda!  An historic moment in that it was my first City Council meeting that spanned two days (called to order at 7p on May 3rd, adjourned at 12:01a on May 4th).

Catch the replay all month on Finger Lakes Television!



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