City Council Wrap-Up

City Counselors

In case you didn’t want to brave the gale force winds to check out Council’s March meeting, here’s what you might have missed:

Authorization of Linden Street Seasonal Closure

City Council slightly modified the Linden Street merchants’ request to close the street on spring and summer weekends.  Council approved closures from May 1st through Columbus Day on Friday and Saturday nights from 5p to 3a, and on Sundays, by request, for events.

Board and Commission Appointment Policy

Council tabled this item, due to the absence of three members.  It will be rescheduled for the April meeting.

Actions Regarding Lakefront Boat Trailer Parking

An ordinance requiring a parking permit for boat trailers at the lakefront was passed on first reading, with amended fines of $20 for the first violation, and $50 for subsequent violations.  Council tabled the resolution setting the permit fee, and directed staff to modify the fee schedule to reduce costs to boaters.

Discussion Regarding Gateway Redevelopment

Council directed staff to prepare the necessary actions to transfer City-owned parcels at the corner of North and Exchange Streets to the Industrial Development Agency and Local Development Corporation for future redevelopment.

Amendments to the Solid Waste Ordinance

Council approved changes to the City’s solid waste ordinance, which include reducing pickup for residences to Tuesday through Thursday between 7a and 6p, mandating the provision of recycling containers, and requiring publication of collection rates.  The ordinance requires one additional reading, which is scheduled for April.

Surplus Items

A resolution was approved declaring a Public Works backhoe as surplus, and directing its disposal.


Council ratified the appointment of Joe Commesso as Chairman of the Zoning Board, and appointed Jennifer Srmack to the Public Art Committee.

If this article just doesn’t quench your thirst for the conduct of public business, check out the meeting replay all month long on Finger Lakes TV!


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