City Council Wrap-Up

City Counselors

Another Council session in the books.  Here’s where Council landed on scheduled agenda items:

Wastewater Treatment Ordinance Update

Council adopted final changes to the City’s sewer use ordinance, which included language changes necessary to align with state and federal treatment guidelines and a requirement for industries triggering testing events to cover the cost of water quality testing.

Discussion Regarding Keeping of Backyard Hens

City Council heard comments from residents and the facilitator of the Geneva Peeps project on the keeping of backyard hens.  Council charged staff with distributing the ordinance through the City’s communications networks and taking in feedback from the City Planning Board.   The issue will be re-examined at the May City Council meeting.

Discussion Regarding Boat Trailer Parking on the Lakefront

Staff presented a recommendation to charge non-residents for trailer parking at the City’s Seneca Lake boat launch.  Council charged staff with developing a permitting system that provides for no-cost parking for residents and fee-based daily parking for non-residents.  This issue will be before City Council for a formal vote in March.

City Manager’s Performance Evaluation/Performance Incentive

City Council passed a resolution supporting a pay and benefit increase for the City Manager, and affirming that my 2016 performance met or exceeded their expectations.

Resolution Supporting Tree Maintenance Grant Application

Staff presented an overview of application elements for an urban forestry grant to support pruning, volunteer training, and staff support of tree maintenance.  City Council authorized an application of up to $50,000 for these activities.

Resolution Declaring Items as Surplus and Directing their Disposal

City Council authorized the City Manager to dispose of unclaimed bicycles in the possession of the Geneva Police Department.  Councilors encouraged the City Manager to contact local bike organizations and not-for-profits to see if bicycles can be made available to those in need.

Appointments to Boards and Commissions

Councilors appointed new and returning members to the City’s Recreation Advisory Commission, Planning Board, and Zoning Board.

Check out the replay all month long on Finger Lakes TV, and look for future agenda releases on the City’s website.


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