City Council Wrap-Up

City Counselors

Just in case you missed it, here’s how City Council handled agenda items for the regular January meeting:

Property Sales

City Council approved the sale of an unaddressed parcel at the corner of Clark and Dixon Streets, and an undeveloped parcel at 58 Middle Street.  Staff will be working with the prospective purchasers to complete these transactions in the coming weeks.  Excess proceeds from the sales will be applied to the undesignated General Fund balance.

Wastewater Treatment Ordinance Update

An ordinance updating language in the City’s wastewater treatment ordinance was approved for first reading.  The ordinance update was generated by the regular 5-year review of the City’s industrial treatment regulations by the EPA.  The updated language mirrors USEPA language in treatment of industrial and other waste.  Staff will bring the ordinance back for final consideration at the February meeting.

Discussion Regarding Seasonal Closure of Linden Street

City Council heard reports from 5th Ward Councilor Hagerman and myself on the results of a public feedback session on the seasonal closure of Linden Street.  Council charged the Linden Street merchants to develop a closure plan that balances the needs of residents, merchants, and visitors to the street.  Of primary consideration is dealing with the volume and duration of sound generated by musical acts, the designation of a point person for each weekend’s events, with a phone number for ready access by residents, and the development of a logistics plan for storage of materials and collection of garbage at the end of each night.  Staff expects a formal request from the Linden Street merchants at the February or March Council meeting.

A short but impactful meeting!  Look for the replays all month on Finger Lakes TV.

Next up is the City Council annual planning retreat, which will be held January 26th through 28th at the Geneva Housing Authority offices at 41 Lewis Street.  Be on the lookout for the agenda, as it’s going to be jam-packed!




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