Council Wrap-Up

City Counselors

In case you missed it…here’s what happened at last night’s Council meeting:

Seneca Lake Trout Derby

Council received a proposal from the Seneca Lake Trout Derby for $10,000 in 2017 funding to support enhanced marketing for the event and increased prizes, both aimed at growing attendance and participation.  City Council asked staff to add formal discussion on this issue to the December Council meeting.

Waterloo Tract 

City Council authorized the sale of a 7-acre parcel along Routes 5 and 20, adjacent to the Seneca Lake State Park in the Town of Waterloo.  The purchaser, Dave Bunnell of Geneva, has offered $200,000 for the parcel, with the intent of developing short term vacation rentals.

Setting Public Hearings–Sale of Various Properties

Council set public hearings for the sale of 58 Middle Street, 49 North Exchange Street, and an unaddressed parcel at the corner of Clark and Dixon streets.  The hearings will be held at the December Council meeting.

Utility Rates

Council set a public hearing on proposed sewer rate increases and held first reading on an ordinance amending water rates.  The public hearing and sewer rate change will be held at the December Council meeting, as will second reading of the water rate ordinance.  These are in accordance with the 2017 budget.

A short night, but lots of activity in Geneva!  If you missed it, or just want to watch it over and over again, check the replays throughout the month on Finger Lakes TV.


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