Downtown Revitalization Update


In July, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a $10 million award for revitalization activities in downtown Geneva.  Since then, City staff members have been working with state agencies to prepare for the development of an investment plan to map out how the $10 million can deliver the most impact.

Since July, the State has announced the hiring of Bergmann Associates from Rochester to lead the planning effort.  Bergmann has been charged with facilitating local conversation to generate the strategic plan for investment.  Additionally, the City helped the State select a 15-member steering committee, made up of local and regional stakeholders, and charged with engaging the public in a discussion surrounding how best to invest these critical resources.

Last night, the Steering Committee held its first meeting at Jordan Hall on the campus of the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station.  The meeting provided an overview on the process to date, and on the framework under which the strategic plan will be developed.  Click here to review the powerpoint from last night’s meeting.  The State also announced a website on the DRI program in general (a Geneva specific website will be launched in the coming weeks), which provides an overview of DRI and of Geneva’s project framework.

The program facilitators emphasized that the planning process will have many opportunities for the public to remain engaged, including public input sessions, the project website, and an activated storefront in downtown Geneva  which will be the headquarters for the DRI Geneva effort (more info on that later).

The facilitators also announced a series of focus groups which will develop ideas around particular elements of the investment plan.  Focus groups include Civic Amenities/Greenspace, Arts and Culture, Connectivity/Transportation, Finance, Private Investment, and Economic Opportunity.  If you are interested in serving on a focus group, contact Sage Gerling.

Mark your calendars for the next public engagement session on October 27th and 28th.  More details on time and location will be made available as they are firmed up.  In the meantime, if you have an idea for consideration, please don’t hesitate to email Sage Gerling with input.



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