September City Council Agenda

City Counselors

The first Wednesday is on its way…that means it’s City Council time!

Here’s what’s on for this month:

Adoption of Comprehensive Plan:

What it is:  The Comprehensive Plan and Community Decision-Making Guide is our 20-year strategic plan.  In other words, it’s our road map for moving the City toward its long range vision.

Why it’s important:  this is the document that will drive all of our critical decisions over the next 20 years or so.  Zoning, business development, budget–you name it, this document covers it.

What action is Council taking?:  After 18 months of public input and development, Council is prepared to take a vote on final adoption.

Adoption of Sales Tax Agreement:

What it is:  The City of Geneva participates in a Countywide sales tax distribution agreement with all other Ontario County municipalities.  The agreement spells out how the County sales tax revenue will be distributed.  This seven-year agreement calls for sales tax revenues to be distributed according to our relative population and assessed value.

Why it’s important:  Sales tax represents the 2nd largest revenue in the City’s annual budget, at nearly $3 million per year.  This agreement provides for an enhanced revenue stream for the City.

What action is Council taking?:  Staff is recommending that Council extend the terms of the current agreement through 2023.

Sale of 202 Exchange Street:

What it is:  The City owns a small parcel of land at the intersection of Exchange and Lewis Street.  Council will consider sale of the parcel to the adjacent property owner.

Why it’s important:  Sale of City-owned property returns it to the tax rolls, which opens up the opportunity for new development and associated revenue.

What action is Council taking?:   Council held a public hearing on this sale in March.  Staff is recommending selling the parcel to the adjacent property owner, Rin-Lib Realty, for $2,000.

Ordinance Prohibiting Right on Red–Linden at Seneca:

What it is:  The Geneva City Code spells out which intersections do not permit right turns when the signal is red.  This ordinance proposes prohibition of such turns from Linden onto Seneca.

Why it’s important:  Council is consistently seeking out ways to improve pedestrian safety.  This provides for additional safeguards in downtown.

What action is Council taking?:  Ordinance changes require two readings.  Council is conducting the first reading at this meeting.

Resolution Declaring Radio Equipment as Surplus:

What it is:  The law requires that City Council publicly take action to sell most City equipment.  This resolution charges staff with disposing of old radio equipment.

Why it’s important:  Appropriate disposal of equipment provides additional revenues for future equipment purchases.

What action is Council taking?:  Staff is asking Council to declare old radio equipment as surplus.  This will allow for us to sell the equipment and associate funds with future equipment purchases.

Budget Preparation Actions:

What it is:  Council will consider resolutions to set several public hearings associated with the 2017 spending plan.  These include hearings on the general, water, and sewer fund budgets, as well as a hearing on overriding the statutory tax cap.

Why it’s important:  It is critical that the public have an opportunity to weigh in on spending proposals.  These actions set an opportunity for this to happen.

What action is Council taking:  Council will set the hearings for October 5, 2016 at 7 p.m.

The meeting is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 7th at the Public Safety Building.  City Council agendas can always be found on the City’s website.  They are typically posted the Friday prior to the Council meeting.  Residents wishing to speak about any agenda item can sign up in advance or at the Council Chambers immediately prior to the meeting.




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